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Chiricahua National Monument / Faraway Ranch Cultural Landscape Report
(Project work conducted at the National Park Service and University of Arizona)

Chiricahua National Monument / Faraway Ranch is located off Highway 181 near Bonita Creek in southeastern Arizona. This national monument is approximately 12,000 acres and contains the Faraway Ranch occupying 160 acres. Owned by the Erickson family, the Faraway Ranch is an excellent example of a pioneer homestead which later became a working cattle and guest ranch. The landscape architect along with her colleagues documented the cultural landscape surrounding the Faraway Ranch. This historic vernacular landscape dates from the late nineteenth century and continued to be occupied by the descendants of the Erickson family until the mid 1970s. The landscape includes the main ranch house, complex with the family residence and associated structures including the barn, various sheds, a garage, a bunkhouse, wells, an earthen reservoir and a corral. Also within the residential complex area is a swimming pool built by the family in 1924 and fed by diverted well water. The project included producing a cultural landscape report to document the history of the site as well as the changes within the landscape over time. This included the documentation of structures, small-scale features, topography, views and vistas, circulation, cultural traditions and vegetation. The team utilized The Secretary of the Interiors Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties with Guidelines for the Treatment of Cultural Landscapes as well as numerous other National Park Service publications.

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